5 Tips To Create and Profit From Your 5-Star Reputation Online

5 Things You Must Know About Your Online Reputation

Hi! I’m Kristin Moore. Welcome to this strategy session on ClientTech TV. Today I’m going to talk about your Reputation! If you’re a business owner, a manager or an employee, you should be aware that your online reputation is affecting your business now more than ever.

The online marketing game has changed drastically in the past several months, and no one even knows about it yet.

I’m sure you’ve all heard the phrase Reputation Management. But did you know that its completely obsolete? Businesses don’t make money when they “manage.” Your business makes money when you market.

Let me explain. Reputation Management is reactive, its responding to bad, or just “not-so-good” reviews.

In contrast, Reputation Marketing is when you pro-actively develop a 5-Star reputation, and then Market your reputation to bring more customers to your business, more income to your bottom line.

There are 4 Major Game Changers in Online Marketing

Game Changer #1, the most visible game changer, is that Google has merged 80 million Google+ Pages with your company’s website. If you’re not familiar with Google+ pages, they were formerly known as Google Places pages for business, you know, that listing that shows your spot on the map and provides information and reviews about your business. Every business has one of these pages, compliments of Google, and now, Google has MERGED this page with your company’s website to reveal your reputation front and center.

Company’s with 5 Star reputations are benefiting from this in a huge way. But, all the other businesses who have less than a 5-star reputation, or no reputation at all, are on the losing end of this major change online.

Game Changer #2: Reviews are a major ingredient of virtually every search result seen online. You must have good reviews to compete now.

Here is a screenshot of how Google is displaying your company’s reputation. Just do a search for any business name and their city to reveal their reputation. Reviews are being showcased everywhere. This includes the Paid listings at the top, side and bottom of Google Search results, the Organic listings, in other words your company website, the Maps and Google+ listings for your business, and all the local directories that your business may be listed on.

Game Changer #3: SEO, Social Media, Pay per click, postcards, none of these work anymore if you have bad reviews online. The old way of marketing was to build all your marketing systems and send people to your website BEFORE you build your reputation. But ask yourself this question, why would you spend money to market to customers if you can’t show them a 5-star reputation when they check you out online? Over 75% of consumers will check a business online for one reason or another. To get the phone number, get directions, get more information, or specifically to check your reviews. Regardless of the reason, your reputation will be front and center. So, the new way of marketing, what you must do, is build a 5-star reputation online, then market that reputation.

And here’s why:
Game Changer #4 is that a full 79% of buyers trust online reviews as much as Personal Recommendations. That means that 79% of people trust a review that one of your customers post online as much as they trust their mom or their best friend! That’s incredible. Now think of the reverse, how many customers are you losing to your competitors because you don’t have a 5-star reputation? How much money are you losing every month as customers look past you in favor of a competitor with lots of 5-star reviews?

So, here are 3 tips you can do right now to improve your reputation online:
Reputation Marketing Tip #1:
Ask your customers for reviews every opportunity you get. Implement a system and give them an easy way to review you. You have to ask for reviews, you can’t just wait and hope that your customers will think about doing this on their own, and then actually follow through. Get your entire staff involved and train them on why this is so important for your business and how to go about requesting feedback and reviews.

Reputation Marketing Tip #2:
Fix problems. A bad review can be an opportunity to make a bad situation right. Get in touch with anyone who doesn’t leave you a 5-star review immediately to correct any problems and then ask them to re-post a positive review to share how you went out of your way to fix a bad situation. Let your customers know that you’re committed to giving them a positive experience with your business.

Reputation Marketing Tip #3:
Monitor your reputation weekly if not daily. You always want to be aware of the reviews that are being posted about you online. Keep an eye on your listings on the major review sites, especially Google and Yelp. There are several other major review directories, so be sure you know where people are posting reviews about you. And many secondary directories aggregate reviews from Google and Yelp. So one not-so-good review may be displayed on multiple directories. If you are not aware of these and taking steps to correct them, your customers could be reading these every day, and you don’t even know it. Setting up Google Alerts for mentions of your company name plus reviews or your product name plus reviews, etc. is one way to monitor these.

Reputation Marketing Tip #4:
Use your 5-star reputation in your out-going marketing. Show your positive reviews on your website; at the bottom of your emails; on your social media pages; on your blog, on postcards you mail; on flyers in your business; anywhere you can. Remember, people rely on social proof to choose a company they want to do business with. Take advantage of that information and showcase your 5-star reputation every chance you get!

Reputation Marketing Tip #5:
Check your own reputation online line right now. Go to www.reputationautomation.com and put in your main business phone number. We’ll prepare a personalized reputation report for you instantly so you can see what your customers are seeing about you online every day.

Lastly, if you would like help with your reputation marketing, contact me, Kristin Moore for a no cost strategy session of how we can help you develop and market your 5-star reputation today! Ask for me personally, Kristin, at 248-633-8836.

Regardless of how you achieve it, make sure you have a 5-star reputation online, and your business will explode because of it.

I’m Kristin Moore with ClientTech TV, be sure to subscribe now go out and build your 5-star reputation!

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